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Will we see more Sailor Moon trucker caps, like for Mercury and the rest of the Sailor Guardians, individually?

We just have more Sailor Moon everything in general coming out. As for trucker style hats, there are some in the works.

Anymore Black Butler/Claude Faustus specific things in the works? You guys have already put out quite a bit of awesome Black Butler items, it's really appreciated!

*adjusts glasses* Yes, your highness.

Are you guys planning to make any more replicas of wands/brooches/etc from Sailor Moon? I have the earrings and locket but would love reasonably priced wands or something along those lines. (i.e. less than Toei's proplicas)

Well, we haven’t done the whole proplica business before. It is very difficult for us to work out how to do it, but we’ve been figuring it out. Hopefully we’ll be able to do something in the future. We’ve definitely heard everyone’s requests for items like the Cosmic Heart brooch and the like. We’re working hard to bring as much stuff out as we can.

Hoping you guys make the Wild Tiger Suit plush? Bunny is all alone! (Golden Ryan in his suit would be much much appreciated by many fans)

We’ll see if we can get that project jump started!

Hi, is there any chance of new Toriko merchandise? (I've already ordered the keychains off Amazon :))

Yes, we have a few things in the works :D

First off… Thank you for the Makoto tank top!! Simply LOVE how comfortable it is to wear. >.< Here’s my question: Can we expect more sport anime related merchandise?

Yay you read the edit!

Also, we agree the tanks are fantastic! We’re glad they came out so well.

As for sports anime, our goal is to license what is popular. So we’re always looking out for new opportunities and as you may have noticed, more sports anime have been surfacing in the popular categories! SO, we’re looking in to all the things :)

any chance for DanganRonpa the animation and hyperdimension neptunia the animation goods?

They are both something we’re looking in to, since you’re not the first to ask. :)

I'm sorry I keep asking but... that Sailor Moon artbook? :D

Artbooks are not our realm of expertise. Nor are they in our realm of licensed goods XD

Are you going to make any Hakuoki season 3 stuff?

We’ve slowed down on Hakuouki for the moment :(


Maybe we can answer them! Send us an ask!

Please send it to our ask box XD That is the important part.